Work in Progress

We've been keeping track of our work from the empty barn to the present, with many photos and a panorama of the inside of the barn. On Friday January 28th 2011 we received the keys to our new home in the Carpenter's Barn. Our new home is over 100 years old and we are convinced it had been collecting dust and dirt since the day it was first used.

What have we accomplished to date? We have scrubbed our "old lady" from top to toe, installed fans, installed lights, built a new ADA compliant door, installed ADA compliant ramps for access, glazed the broken windows, sealed up where she leaked, added new windows and generally spruced her up. We have built the benchwork for the trains and have virtually all of the track in place. The scenery along the east and north wall are nearly complete. All of the major structures have been built or are in the throes of completion. So not good ….. but not bad either!

The north wall of the Barn the day we got the keys

Click on the photo of the barn taken on January 28th, 2011 to see a gallery of the photos taken as we built our layout.

We've made a "Virtual Tour" of the inside of the barn. 108 photos were stitched to make a single photo 36,000x14,000 pixels (500 Megapixels). Special software now cuts this into over 3,000 tiles that allow faster downloads with high resolution. Click here for a virtual tour of the barn.

Click the photo right to see the slideshow

Work train on east side of the Barn President Phil Miller's Diesel in the correct CWR colours for when she was active Mill yard 0-4-0 taking a break beside Basil Casabona's scratchbuilt caboose cum workcar Fort Bragg Depot with Railbus about to depart Fort Bragg Depot is a very busy place Cat with log hauler waiting to be taken out to the woods Cat waiting to be taken out to the woods 4-6-0's on storage track 4-6-0 exiting Tunnel #1 2-8-8-2 resting on the west side of the Barn 0-4-0 taking lumber out on the pier to the waiting schooner Jim's ingenious key for setting the speed of the doodlebug Doodlebug taking the curve outside the barn Doodlebug rolling down the east side of the Barn Control mechanism is stored in the doodlebug luggage compartment Battery is stored in trailing combine car Webmaster Roger Thornburn in his photographer role Waiting for the word that we under solar power Vice President Chuck Whitlock Webmaster Roger Thornburn Historian Tony Phillips talking to Billy's owner Dan Fessler Trackmaster Deb Smith firing up Billy Trackmaster Deb Smith and Tony Phillips watching Billy taking the northwest corner turn Trackmaster Deb Smith and Tony Phillips watching Billy emerge from the west side of the building Tony Phillips watching Billy rounding the northwest corner of the barn -  Basil Casabona in the background Steve Worthen and deb Smith in earnest conversation Steam Donkey being brought back from the woods for repair Solar Powered Logging Consist Rounding the nort-west corner under solar power MOW Consist on Pudding Creek Trestle Historian Tony Phillips entranced with watching club members' trains going round the big tracks for the first time Ernestine crossing the A Frame Bridge on the east outside side of the Barn Crossing the Pudding Creek Trestle Club Members Steve Worthen, Tony Phillips, Deb Smith, Dan Fessler, Basil and Meary casabona inside the barn Club member Dan Fessler holding Billy which he owns BIlly strutting down the east inside track Billy rounding a curve on the tracks outside the barn Billy powering down the tracks on the wast side of the barn Billy on the west side of the barn which you can see is proximate to the California Western's Engine house Billy getting up steam Billy crossing the Pudding Creek Trestle on the east outside side of the barn Billy at speed going down the tracks inside the barn Battery Powered Ernestine at work Basil Casabona showing Tony Phillips how the drilled out log is attached to the log car Working the mill yard The mill with the town behind Working lumber loads from the mill to the pier for shipping Club member Basil Casabona;´s Caspar Lumber Company look alike 2-6-6-2 en route to the Enginehouse Waiting for his first drink of the day View of the Depot from the Goodyear Blimp View from the Goodyear Blimp from the North End of Main Street Postman staggering under load of mail Passengers waiting for the train Maintenance of Way Tanker Main Street from the Goodyear Blimp from the South End Log Hauling Tractor freshly weathered Houses built by Jess Pratt being positioned Houses built by Jeff Pratt Front of the Depot Errant pig on the Depot Platform Engine house which has recently been weathered by Basil Casabona Donkey engine (scratch built by Colin Menzies) waiting to be taken out into the woods Cat waiting to be put to work in the woods Busy platform scene Bulldozer waiting to be taken to the woods Broken down car at the back of the Depot Back of the Depot and Parking Lot Backdrop for the North Wall of the Carpenter's Barn Auxiliary winch (scratch built by Colin Menzies) waiting to be shipped out to the woods Angry Mob Pursuing wall Street Financier 0-4-0 working on the track atthe north end of the layout Sawdust grass in front of the Depot Mountains of Mourne The log pond after the initial coat of fiberglass Testing a log car with a 10 foot diameter log - 10  foot that is if it were real Small A-frame bridge in front  of log pond spillway awaiting weathering Our homemade clearance gauge One of Basil Casabona′s weathered mill worker's houses New Speeder Diorama on East Wall Jim Williams admiring his handiwork Stacks of wood being used to cover gap at base of rocks Depot with ballasted track Cones ready to be made into Pomo Wikiups Diorama added to celebrate Gordon McNutt, a founding member and Hank Simonson, a long time member who are sadly missed Our depot with its new platforms built by Richard Marks Ron Bloomquist's shot of the side of the mill 0-4-0 pulling a section of a BIG tree - it would have been 10 foot diameter in real life View of the yet to be completed front of the mill and mill yard A radio controlled 0-6-0 under test in front of the depot Ron Bloomquist’s photo of the water tank by the mill The Skunk Depot on it’s new platform. The side of the mill taking shape The log pond spillway with the three bridges in place and abutements mocked up Richard Mark patience on display - every shake was hand cut and glued on Tunnel #1 weathering under way Church hill corner under construction West wall under construction The result of President Phil Miller's scenicking in front of the Mill Shingle roof being put on the mill Richard Marks putting the siding on the mill Readying the escarpment in front of the mill for pouring of concrete President Phil Miller sceniking the sea wall in front of the mill Looking down on the pier; Richard Marks working on the escarpment Jeff Pratt's model of the Skunk Depot Jeff Pratt's logger's cabin Interior of Jeff Pratt's logger's cabin Haunted lighthouse corner under construction Building the sea wall in front of the mill donkey engine awaiting installation Commissary Car after being weathered jim and deb deciding testing out how the town will look The first sections of track being laid What do you think? Not bad, not bad. The first club meeting in the Barn The opening on the east wall for the main line under construction The incline being tested The west wall ridge line test underway Testing the ridge line on the west wall The mill pier under construction Benchwork on the east wall under construction Test fitting the door of the MOW barn Jim Williams preparing electrical connections If you procrastinate long enough Decisions, decisions, decisions. The sub-committee of the subcommittee of the sub-committee in session The battle plan Scrubbed and cleaned and benchwork construction underway The club flag installed on the north wall to stake our claim I think its upside down. Measure twice and cut ???? Jackscrew being used to straighten north east corner of Barn Installing new window above door on south wall Hasp of new door hand made by member Bill Shepherd New door being installed Old door being demolished New ADA compliant door made from recycled wood and hinges