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(Log) Pole Roads

Behind the Guest House in Fort Bragg there are two axles with "strange" wheels on them – see pictures below (left and center). We believe that these axles are the ones in the picture below (right).

Behind the Guest House in Fort Bragg Behind the Guest House in Fort Bragg Old photo of axles
Pole road near Ten Mile River

Our research has provided the following photograph which we believe is taken in the vicinity of Ten Mile River. As you can see this is a pole railroad and it is possible that the axles and wheels behind the Guest House are those in this photo.

Pole Roads were installed to save money. Almost everything that ran on them was hand-me-down or cobbled together in the "company shops". The Pole Roads in the pictures below have steam power and are included to show what one looked like.

This site has some more details on the steam locos that ran on pole roads